Potentielle Berufsfelder für Tanzschaffende

According to the experience of Dancers Career Development, an organization from England, potential careers for dancers can be placed into four or five categorie

Dance and art-related careers:
• Choreographer, ballet director
• Assistant to the artistic direction, ballet or training master
• Dance teacher
• Actor, performer
• Dramaturgy, advertising
• Curator
• Cultural manager, producer
• Costume design, assistant for costumes
• Make-up artist
• Photography, film
• Stage manager
• Prompter

Careers in the fields of health and the social sector:
• Dance therapy, Feldenkrais, Alexander technique, Gyrotonics, Pilates, Rolfing, among others
• Physiotherapy, remedial gymnastics, Ergotherapy, among others
• Nurse, geriatric nurse, podiatrist, among others
• pre-school teacher, social education worker, social worker, etc.
• Wellness coach, fitness trainer, among others

Business careers:
• Organization or production manager
• Cultural management, business management
• Graphics, graphic design
• Cosmetics
• Fashion, fashion design

Trade careers:
• Commercial accounting
• Public relations
• Investment banking

Academic careers:
• Theater studies, Dance Studies, media studies
• Film studies, Art history
• Communication studies
• Medical studies: e.g., sports medecine

This selection only represents a small portion of the careers that dance makers can move on to.

Excellent descriptions of each career can be found in the BERUFNET data bank:

List of the state certified education programmes for careers, effective 08.01.2010

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