Newsletter Oktober 2014

Important! Please participate in our health study!!!

Scientific studies are of paramount importance for the legal recognition of dance-specific occupational illnesses. In order for a study to be of value, it has to have a maximum number of participants. Our health study (in cooperation with the Charité Berlin) needs 600 participants until the end of October 2014.

A multi-faceted questionnaire is the basis for this nation-wide study. Each completed questionnaire is of great value to us. We are asking all dance professionals to fill out the anonymous questionnaire as soon as possible so that this study can be a success. The results of the survey will be published.

The questionnaires can be filled out online: or be ordered from Stiftung TANZ – Transition Center Germany:

If you have additional questions, please direct them to Ms. Gesa Kröger( and Dr. med. Eileen M. Wanke (

More information at the FAQs:

The survey is supported by the Federal Government Commissioner of Culture and Media as well as the Berlin Public Sector Accident Insurance (UKB).

Dance? And afterwards?! Transition workshop in Leipzig, December 2014 

What happens after your dance career? What can you do besides dance to survive financially? This workshop helps you develop a new career idea. What competencies do I already have? What do I want to develop with them? What can excite and challenge me in a future career?

This workshop offers all necessary information for a transition to a new career. All freelance or permanently employed dancers are welcome.

Topics: researching your own competencies & interests, developing visions for the future & planning concrete steps, profiting from others’ experience & networking.

Individual counseling is available that can be continued after the workshop.

Workshop directors: Katrin Kolo, Dipl. Economist, dancer, choreographer and executive consultant, founder of arts-in-business, co-founder of Transition-in-Dance in Munich. Heike Scharpff, project director Stiftung TANZ-Transition Center Germany, Dipl. Psychologist, theater director, co-founder Waggonhalle Marburg, drama therapist.

Own share/cost: 50,- € per participant (Stiftung-TANZ covers travel costs with the train (Bahncard 50/ early booking/ Bahncard 25)).

Sunday, December 7, 2014, 1 – 6pm Monday, December 8, 2014, 10am-4pm Soziokulturelles Zentrum “Die Villa”, Lessingstr. 7, 04109 Leipzig.

Registration:, (register before November 25, 2014 only 40,- €).

Career information: business careers

Dancers often enter counseling with us and have organizational talents. They often want to become event managers because they would like to remain in the cultural industry. In addition to this field, there are many other careers in the business world, i.e., in companies in any number of areas (fashion, health, food, automobiles, entertainment electronics, media, cosmetics, etc.); they usually have relatively normal working hours and promise a good income.

In the various firms, businessmen control economic processes. In materials management, they compare tenders, negotiate with distributors and observe the receipt of goods and their storage. In production, they plan, steer and control the creation of goods or services and issue the documents that accompany the contracts. Creating calculations and price lists and negotiating with clients belongs to the responsibility of those in the sales department. In addition, they develop and realize targeted marketing strategies with the relevant parts of the company. Businessmen in the area of accounting or financing administer, book and control the processes that take place in business operations. In human resources, they determine personnel needs, are involved in selecting new employees and plan their implementation. In most fields, businessmen communicate with people within the respective companies. With patience, plenty of competency and some luck, a high-level career is also a possibility, because you get to know a company from the inside out and can create important networks as a communicator.

Business careers are, for example: office administrator, retail dealer (salesman), expert for marketing, administrator for human resources, insurance agent, real estate agent, health services administrator, banker. Training usually takes place in parallel, e.g., in the business as well as in a career school. The prerequisite is a “Mittlerer Schulabschluss” (Mittlere Reife). If it is a case of further education or retraining, then the responsible Arbeitsagentur or the respective JobCenter can support it; however, you must apply for this assistance.
Information about careers and training, as well as training counselors can be found at the chambers of commerce (IHK) at any larger business center:

Careers in the world of dance or theater

If you want to remain in the dance and theater world after your dance career, you should precisely consider if you can handle the fact that the next generation is going on stage and getting the attention and applause you once received. All careers in the dance and theater world (from an author to a stage manager and makeup artist to an administrative director) are listed in detail on the homepage of the Deutsche Bühnenverein:

At, there is a listing for training and available positions at German theaters.

Academic forum “Orthopedics for Dancers and Artists” 

At this year’s congress for orthopedics and accident surgery in Berlin (, tamed will be present at the academic forum “Orthopedics for Dancers and Artists”. The forum, numbered FO22, will take place on Friday, October 31st 2014 from 4:30 pm to 6 pm at Saal Paris II.

tamed would like to invite you to take part and get involved in the following discussion.
tamed was able to negotiate a special price for dance professionals from the congress administrator, Ms. Carola Schöder: instead of having to pay €120 for a day pass, our forum’s attendees will receive a ticket for €20.–; with this ticket one also has access to the fair on the day of the forum. There is room for 200 people in the Saal Paris II on the fairgrounds in Berlin.

Short continuing education for freelancers in the cultural industry in Berlin 

ARTWert organizes events to professionalize artists in Berlin. ARTWert directs its efforts towards freelance creative workers and cultural professionals in the fields of the performance and visual arts, music, literature, photography and image media, digital media and fashion design; it offers low-price further education seminars. For example, in October there is a further education seminar for WordPress to create your own blog and for layouting with InDesign – both are good to improve your marketing potential.
More at:

Sabrina Sadowska, Heike Scharpff & Andrea Thomas