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For a career afterwards

Diversity and high achievement in the arts need support and advancement. This begins by supporting upcoming generations and new talents in training, and continues throughout a career until after it a transition to a new occupation takes place.
This is how Stiftung TANZ – Transition Center Germany wants to advance and support dancers and dance practitioners.

John_Neumeier„When dancers end their active careers, they then take the skills they attained over many years and enter a society that places more and more value on creativity, spontaneity, discipline and endurance. These are dancers who get involved by formulating what moves us, who learned how to express themselves – and who practiced communication in their art as an essential part of our human identity. This potential should not be wasted. Let us support them with all our energy. And let us get involved to support our dancers in order to support our society..“

John Neumeier, Director of the Board of Trustees

© Photo: Holger Badekow

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