Transition-Jahresgruppen 2019

Dear dancers,

we are happy to announce our new transition one year groups. Those are meant to accompany and support dancers on long-term base during their reorientation and offer the possibility to talk about all subjects associated with the transition process, like dealing with farewell and grief, identifying further potential, developing new perspectives, and decision-making. There will be three group sessions in a monthly rhythm and one follow up meeting six to eight month after the last session. The transition one year groups combine the advantages of a professional coaching with the enriching aspects of group processes and will be directed by coaches, who are familiar with the transition theme. Those are:

in Hamburg Gabriele Naumann-Merten, Diplom Pädagogin, Kulturmanagerin, Transition Coach

in München Christine Bombosch, Klinische Sozialarbeiterin M.A., IFS-Therapeutin/Beraterin, ehemalige Tänzerin, Mitbegründerin Transition-in-dance München

in Düsseldorf Dagmar Regorsek, Diplom-Sozialwissenschaftlerin, Coach für persönliche und berufliche Entwicklung

in Leipzig Dr. Friederike Stockmann, ev. Theologin, Organisationsberaterin und Coach für die Gestaltung von Veränderungsprozessen

in Frankfurt und Berlin Dr. Carolin Eckert, Diplom Psychologin und Coach der Stiftung TANZ, Kinder-  und Jugendlichenpsychotherapeutin, Schauspielerin

First meeting (please only apply, if you can manage to come):

Hamburg: Wednesday, 24.4.2019, 9.45h – 13.45h

München: to be announced

Düsseldorf: Tuesday, 30.4.2019, 11.00h – 15.00h

Leipzig: Monday, 29.04.2019, 10.00h – 14.00h

Frankfurt: to be announced

Berlin: Tuesday, 30.04.2019, 11.00h – 15h

There will be a participation fee of 50 Euro for the whole program. It is possible to get a financial support for traveling costs up to 25 Euro maxium per session.

For further questions or to apply please contact:

Please share this information with dancers, who might be interested.