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Double congratulations to John Neumeier!

John Neumeier, the chairman of the board of trustees, was awarded on 4th of February 2017 the prize for his life at the Théâtre de Beaulieu in the context of this year’s Prix de Lausanne.

“The jury honors him for his inexhaustible commitment to the training of dancers and for his long-standing collaboration with the international dance competition Prix de Lausanne. The prize in the category “Living” will be awarded in 2017 for the first time.” (1)

On 11th of March in Stuttgart, he also receives the Erich-Fromm Prize for his corporate and social commitment bound to a deep humanism.

As this year’s laureate of the Erich-Fromm-Prize John Neumeier is in excellent company! In 2016 Christel and Rupert Neudeck were awarded the annually endowed prize for their national and international efforts for refugees. Past laureates include exceptional musician Ann-Sophie Mutter (2011), the great linguist Noam Chomsky (2010) as well as successful entrepreneur Götz Werner (2015) among many important personalities of our time. (2)


Current article about the award ceremony taking place in April:

Information about the international Erich-Fromm-Society e.V. here:

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Congratulations und warm thanks to Christian Sutter & guests

He celebrated his 65th birthday on 4th of February. On this occasion, he had asked donations to the Stiftung TANZ instead of gifts.

So far, 13,000 € has been donated!

Once again all the best to Christian Sutter for the 65th birthday and warm thanks to him and all donors!

Charity Dance Gala TRANSITION in favor of the Stiftung TANZ

We are delighted that on 23th of March 2017 at 7:30 pm the Staatstheater Kassel will be offering a 3rd charity dance gala since 2015 in favor of the Stiftung TANZ – Transition Zentrum Deutschland.

The Stiftung TANZ will benefit from this event!
(2016 = 16,000 €)

We would like to thank Dr. Thorsten Teubl (Deputy Director of the Dance Theater and theatrical theaters Kassel) and the dancers of the Staatsballett Kassel, all dancers of the gala: from the Staatsballett Berlin | the Tanztheater of the Staatstheater Braunschweig | the Ballett Chemnitz | the Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company | the Hessische Theaterakademie ZuKT | the Tanztheater des Stadttheaters Gießen | the Staatsballett Hannover | the Tanztheater des Staatstheaters Kassel | the Ballett des Theaters Ulm | the Hessisches Staatsballett Wiesbaden-Darmstadt AND surprise guests!

Thank you very much for this great support & and to all of you and to the valued audience a wonderful evening together!

More information about the 3rd charity dance gala TRANSITION Tickets

Information Day and individual advice at the ZAV-Künstlervermittlung

On 20th of March 2017 the project leader of the foundation, Dipl.-Psych. Heike Scharpff will present at the ZAV-Künstlervermittlung in Leipzig the work of the Stiftung TANZ and the various aspects of the subject transition of dancers: self-coaching in personal reorientation / dealing with bureaucratic hurdles / for the financing of professional reorientation

In addition, the Palucca-Hochschule Dresden and the campus naturalis GmbH will present themselves with further training courses: Prof. Fernando Coelho from the Palucca-Hochschule für Tanz in Dresden speaks about the master program Dance Pedagogy (accompanying or full-time). From August 2017 the Palucca-Hochschule will offer the first professional accompanying Dance Pedagogy in Germany.
General information about the study in advance:

Mr. Bjorn Kusche introduces the manysided therapeutic further education offer by campus naturalis GmbH. General information at:

Following the information part, individual consultations (à 45 minutes) with Heike Scharpff are possible. The meetings are free of charge and, of course, confidential. Interested dancers please register at:

Monday, on 20th of March 2017, 10:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. / indiv. consultations from 2:15 p.m.

Location: ZAV Künstlervermittlung Leipzig, Rosa-Luxemburg-Str.23, 04103 Leipzig

Many thanks to Dirk Elwert from the ZAV-Künstlervermittlung Leipzig for the organizational support!

Adapted text source: Heike Scharpff and Dirk Elwert (ZAV Leipzig) by mail on 8.2.2017 at 15:51

News from the Versorgungsanstalt der deutschen Bühnen (VddB)

Insurance for freelance theatre workers possible from 1th of January 2017!

The board of directors of the Versorgungsanstalt der deutschen Bühnen (VddB) decided to offer freelance stage artists within the free dance and theatre scene a volunatry insurance on demand (!) from 1th of January 2017. The monthly basic amount is 12,50 € and can be complemented by additional services depending on income.

Main requirements for an optional insurance are:
membership in one of the state associations of the free theatres
regular annual income of at least 3.900,00 €
evidence of insurance with the KSK

It is IMPORTANT to know that the voluntarily insured will not be reimbursed for their contributions and will not be entitled to dancers’ compensation. But “[…] the voluntarily insured have the same entitlement to pension schemes and provision for disability and dependants as the compulsory insured.” (3) The appropriate waiting times apply.

(Reminder: The minimum age for the dancer’s remedy has been reduced last year. See our article in the newsletter 12/2016: „Bayrische“ lowers the minimum age for severance pay for dancers.)

All this information is only for orientation and cannot be accounted for completeness. Further details can therefore be found under 12/2016 here:…

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Start annual transistion groups 2017 / in Berlin still vacant places

For dancers from the regions of Hamburg / Munich / Berlin who are currently in the process of transitioning and would like to be part of a group to accompany them for this time.

This group will address all questions that may come up during this time: detachment from active dancing, overcoming grief, recognizing further potential, decision making for a new path, implementing a practical idea.
Every meeting will discuss a group theme plus time for personal concerns. Being part of a group is encouraging and supportive. The idea for this annual group comes from our French colleagues who are practising this format for many years in Paris.

Directors: Gabriele Naumann (Hamburg), Christine Bombosch (München), Heike Scharpff (Berlin).

Gabriele Naumann-Maerten: Transition Coach, licensed pedagogue, culture manager
Christine Bombosch: ex-dancer, clinical social worker M.A., IFS-therapist/counsellor, co-founder of Transition-in-Dance in Munich, currently working for the catholic railway mission Munich.
Heike Scharpff: project leader of the foundation DANCE Transition centre Germany, certified psychologist, theatre director, drama and theatre therapist.

Structure: 3 meetings of 4 hours at intervals of 4 weeks 1 concluding meeting after 8 months

Time plan: 1. meeting: February 2017 // 2. meeting: March 2017 // 3. meeting: April 2017 // 4. meeting: December 2017 (= final meeting)

Every city will find an individual date for the first meeting so that everyone interested will be able to attend.

Participation for the entire year will be 50,00 € for dancers.
Travel expenses can be reimbursed up to 25,00 € (roundtrip).

Registrations are already running. Especially BERLIN is still free! If you are interested please contact:

move-it = a EU-mobility program for educational staff

“move-it (Mobility of Vocational & Educational Institutions and Trainers) addresses educational staff from German training institutions who are looking for an exchange in experience across Europe and to educate themselves further.” (4) Dance teachers are classified as educational staff and therefore have a chance to get temporary education abroad with the help of move it.

1. move-it fundamentally for educational staff from all professions.
2. subsidies (dependant on country) for an educational stay between 1 – 6 weeks
3. residence at a stately or private educational institution across all of Europe
4. minimum stay 6 nights
5. no poverty test, support independent of income

Details about the program sequence, dates, fees and subsidies from: Karin Lüdecke at sequa (weekdays: 8:00 – 13:00) here 49 (0)228 98238-30 or

General information about move it here:

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MAS in Dance Science / University Bern (CH)

Applications for the MAS in Dance Science at the University Bern (CH) in cooperation with tamed in Frankfurt/M. are open!

This further education course can be completed next to full time employment and comprises 70 course days. That is about 1.800 hours of requested presence. The modules taught in English between 2017 and 2020 are:

1. CAS in Dance Science: Health & Performance (16 ECTS) = 4.100,00 €
2. CAS in Dance Science: Motor Learning & Training (16 ECTS) = 4.250,00 CHF
3. CAS in Dance Science: Psychology & Education (16 ECTS) = 4.250,00 CHF
Research Methods / Master thesis* = 1.000,00 CHF

(All modules, except *, can be taken as single units resulting in a certificate.)

“The University Bern awards the graduates of the MAS in Dance Science the title of “Master of Advanced Studies in Dance Science, Universität Bern” (MAS DS UniBE). A supplementary diploma gives information about content and extent of the course and the individual performance.” (5)

Application deadline: 30th of April 2017

Detailed information about the study course and the application process

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