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… goes out to all dancers, organizers and guests of the 3rd Benefit Gala for the Stiftung TANZ at the Staatstheater Kassel on 23.3. 2017!

Under the patronage of the Minister President of the State of Hesse, Volker Bouffier, an audience of dance enthusiasts enjoyed a wonderful three-hour evening with many highlights of dance art, as the program demonstrated.

The founder Sabrina Sadowska and Dr. Thorsten Teubl (deputy director of the Tanztheater and Tanztheater dramaturge) did the evening’s presentations.

Staatstheater Kassel (Hrsg.): Programmheft, 3. Benefiz-Tanzgala “Transition”, 23.3.2017

DBfT Congress „Dance Pedagogy Education: Today and in the Future“

On April 23rd 2017, a DBfT congress with the above-mentioned title will take place for the first time. The event will begin at 9:00 am with registration (the congress begins at 10:00 am) and ends at approximately 5:30 pm. Venue:

DBfT Fort- und Weiterbildungsakademie
Ballettzentrum Westfalen / Florianstr. 2 / 44139 Dortmund

The congress is directed towards “all educated dance pedagogues as well as dancers who are interested in the subject and would like to get new ideas and stimuli for their work”. Participation is free of charge.

Guest lecturers are Professor Martin Puttke, Professor Fernando Coelho, Katja Kelping and students from dance universities who will discuss “universities’ dance pedagogy educational programs, dance pedagogy education at trade schools and a potential module education under the auspices of the DBfT”. After this podium discussion, “the foundations for a qualified dance pedagogy education in artistic dance for adolescents and adults at private schools will be established in work groups. In addition, objectives will be determined for a preparatory education in artistic dance to qualify for a university education in a dance pedagogy or dance program. Continued education and additional qualification programs in a module format as well as the organizational and legal aspects for these programs will also be specified.“

Registration per e-mail by 20.04.2017 to:

DBfT members can also come to the general meeting with their registration form!

Information source cited and adapted, from on 23.3.2017 at 6:00 am

IOTPD Philippe Braunschweig Scholarship 2017

The IOTPD Philippe Braunschweig Scholarship in honour of its founder Philippe Braunschweig is aimed annually at professional dancers who’ve had an international career, but didn’t acquire the right for transition support in any of the countries they have worked in. You should only apply for the IOTPD-Scholarship if you are not supported by any of its member organisations. The foundation DANCE – transition centre Germany is a member of the IOTPD.

Application deadline: 30th of April 2017

Further information here:…

Adapted source, clicked on 22.2.2017 from ibid at 2:30 pm.

2017: Acting for dancers again!

Dancers and actors can benefit from each other, as the interdisciplinary project “Acting for Dancers” at the Theater Werk München shows. An advanced acting course especially for dancers and dance teachers will run from 25th of April 2017 until 30th of July 2017. It has been approved by the employment office and can be fully financed on application.

The course consists of basic acting methods and training, monologue and scenes, reflecting the artist’s self-image, ending in a high standard public performance. Additional workshops will include, for example, breathing techniques, singing, business coaching and a professional photo shoot.

The number of participants is strictly limited. Applications and CVs should be sent

Applicants will then be invited to audition! (German important.)

Further information and a short video clip can be found here:…

Information source cited and adapted, from ibid on 23.3.2017 at 2:30 pm.

Annual transition group 2017/18: Also in Düsseldorf!

The annual groups in Hamburg, Munich and Berlin have now started.
For dancers from the region NRW who are currently in the process of transitioning and would like to be part of a group to accompany them for this time.

This group will address all questions that may come up during this time: detachment from active dancing, overcoming grief, recognizing further potential, decision making for a new path, implementing a practical idea.
Every meeting will discuss a group theme plus time for personal concerns. Being part of a group is encouraging and supportive. The idea for this annual group comes from our French colleagues who are practising this format for many years in Paris.

Director: Dagmar Regorsek (Graduate social scientist, coach for personal professional development, cooperation with Stiftung Tanz since 2011)

Time structure with Meeting 1: 8th of May 2017 // Meeting 2: June 2017 // Metting 3: July 2017 // Meeting 4 = concluding meeting: March 2018

Participation for the entire year will be € 50 for dancers.
Travel expenses can be reimbursed up to € 25 (roundtrip).

Registrations are already running. If you are interested please

Information source: Heike Scharpff am 11.4.2017 per mail

Transition short workshop / München

On 5th of May 2017, Heike Scharpff (Dipl.-Psych.) introduces in a short workshop the different aspects of the Transition:

– Financing,
– Further education,
– Personal reorientation,
– Self coaching,
– Models of patchwork careers.

Individual consultations are possible at any time free of charge and confidential.

Time: 2:00 pm to 6:30 pm.

Location: PATHOS Ateliers Munich / Dachauer Straße 112/80636 Munich

Participation fee: none

Registration with:

The workshop is supported by the Tanzbüro Munich. Many Thanks!

Further details and interview with Heike Scharpff at:…

GEMA Federal Central Client Center

Many dancers in transition start their own business with a studio or work as freelancers in dance, fitness or wellness. Music is often used in all of these fields, for example in dance classes. This of course also applies to performances with music. Questions related to copyrights are thus quite relevant and are answered by the GEMA.

There has been a GEMA Federal Central Client Center in Berlin since July 2016!

“The Client Center is available for all questions related to licensing […]. All of the documents provided by the GEMA such as contract offers, information of regulatory changes, invoices, etc. are also sent out by the Client Center.”

If you would like to register the use of music or music playlists after live events, this is still possible online at:

A first legal consultation on copyright is free of charge for members.

More information at:

Information source cited and adapted ibid, on 23.3.2017 at 2:00 pm.

„Overview of Starting a Business – The Ten Steps“

Starting a self-employed career has many phases and is quite complex, and it is associated with many insecurities – but it is an option for dancers in transition. Certain questions are often raised:

– Do you need specific qualifications in order to become self-employed?
– What possibilities exist to start a business?
– Where can you find creative, organizational and financial support?
– What should you pay attention to in terms of the respective initial situation, the business idea and the intended field of work?

The Federal Ministry for the Economy and Energy offers a good overview and comprehensible orientation, assistance and answers for essential steps of starting a business in its online guidelines „Overview of Starting a Business – The Ten Steps“:…

Adapted information source, from the address above on 23.3.2017 at 7:00 am.

Career Spotlight: Social Security Case Manager

A career as a social security case manager, which requires certified training, is demanding and has a good reputation. As one of the first and most important contact points, social security case managers are at a pivotal point between insurance providers and insurance clients. They are specialists in dealing with the Social Security Book of Statutes (SGB V), which has been an essential column in the German social security system since 1981!

The three years of training are very diversified and communicative, and the positions you can apply for are well paid compared to other training careers. Many theory modules are absolved by the end of the training period; the focus lies on social security law as well as administrative and communications expertise. Multiple internship modules at health insurance providers, legal retirement and nursing care insurance companies as well as accident insurance providers are a guaranteed part of the educational program. Career prospects are excellent!

It is possible to enter a training program with an Abitur or at least a very good Realschulabschluss. Prerequisites for having a satisfying career in this field are joy in dealing with people, analytical thought, a systematic approach and an independent character.

Details at:…

Adapted information source, from the adress above on 23.3.2017 at 6:30 am.

New website of the Stiftung TANZ

Since April, we have been present on the WWW with a new website layout!

Our great thanks to Steffen Klaiber & grafikagentur – agency for advertising and design!