Dear dancers,

the current situation is a great challenge for all of us and poses special individual difficulties for everyone. Especially for dancers and dance professionals is the isolation associated with the virus, the uncertainty about the future, the imposed inactivity and above all, the complete closure of all cultural activities represent an extremely precarious situation. In addition to the existential threats for freelance artists many other things come into play, such as that lack of training and daily structure, the experience of loneliness, the emptiness that you can sometimes feel when being isolated, but also thoughts or fears about how to proceed.

The Stiftung TANZ would therefore like to support all the dancers who struggle with these things. In addition to the possibility of an individual counseling, which can be either a coaching, an advice or just obtaining information (an offer that of course continues especially in these times), we would also like to inform about options for dealing with difficulties caused by that situation and how to access several forms of support. We also want to share ideas on how to deal with the newly gained time and how to maybe even use it in a good way.

From today on we will post information on our Facebook page to share with you a few ideas and opportunities, which may help you through this time. We will also publish a special newsletter on this shortly.

We wish everyone a lot of strength, health and confidence in these special times.

The team of Stiftung TANZ