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Annual Transition Group 2018
Munich, Düsseldorf, Berlin, Hamburg, Leipzig, StuttgartFor dancers who are currently in the process of transitioning + would like to be part of a group to accompany them for this time. This group will deal with all questions that arise in the transitional period: detachment from active dance, coping with grief, recognition of further potential, decision-making for a new path, implementation of a concrete idea. At each meeting, there will be a group theme and time for the personal cause. The companionship of the group is supportive and encouraging.
The idea for this annual group comes from our French colleagues, who have been doing this format for years in Paris. We offered them as pilot groups in 2017 in Munich, Dusseldorf, Hamburg and Berlin, and the participating dancers benefited consistently.

Directors: Gabriele Naumann-Maerten (Hamburg), Christine Bombosch (Munich), Dagmar Regorsek (Düsseldorf), Heike Scharpff (Berlin), Dr. Uta Hessbrüggen (Stuttgart), Dr. Friederieke Stockmann (Leipzig)

Gabriele Naumann-Maerten: transition coach, pedagogue, cultural manager
Christine Bombosch: ex-dancer, clinical social worker M.A., IFS-therapist/counsellor, co-founder of Transition-in-Dance in Munich, currently working for the catholic railway mission Munich.
Dagmar Regorsek: Social sciences graduate, coaching for personal professional development, cooperation with the TANZ Foundation since 2011
Dr. Friederieke Stockmann: possibly a theologian with her own experience in changing industry and occupations, since 2005 working in her own practice as an organizational consultant and coach for the design of change processes
Dr. Uta Hessbrüggen: Systemic Business Coach (SHB) and Team Coach
Heike Scharpff: project leader of the foundation DANCE Transition centre Germany, certified psychologist, theatre director, drama and theatre therapist.

Dates for the 1st meeting: Leipzig: Mo. 30.4.2018, 2pm-6pm / Stuttgart: 26.3.2018, 2pm-6pm / Hamburg: Fri 25.5.2018, time is still open / Munich: Sun. 25.3.2018, from 15:30

The groups in Berlin and Dusseldorf have already started. If interested, please contact us for an introduction to the 2nd meeting in the group. The groups in Hamburg and Munich start when enough interested people register with us.

Participation for the entire year will be 50 € for dancers. 
(Travel expenses can be reimbursed up to 25 € – roundtrip.)

Please contact:

We thank you for the support of Tanzhaus NRW!

Albert Einstein-Scholarship 2019
Einstein Forum and Daimler und Benz FoundationsWith this scholarship, the Einstein Forum and the Daimler and Benz Foundation would like to offer exceptional young scholars and scientists from German and abroad (whether in the natural or social sciences or the humanities) the possibility of realizing research projects which explore areas outside of their research so far. The goal is to support young academics who, much like Albert Einstein, demonstrate interdisciplinary engagement beyond their extraordinary performance in a specific field.

The scholarship includes a five or six month residency in the garden house attached to Einstein’s summer house in Caputh, near Berlin and Potsdam. Scholarship recipients will be given 10,000€, in addition to which the expenses of their travel will be covered. The results of their project must be documented in writing and orally presented. IMPORTANT: Dissertations and habilitations will not be funded!

Documents to apply: CV, exposé on the proposed project (both in English) as well as two academic references.

Application Deadline: 15.4. 2018



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IOTPD Philippe Braunschweig Scholarship 2018

The IOTPD Philippe Braunschweig Scholarship in honour of its founder Philippe Braunschweig is aimed annually at professional dancers who’ve had an international career, but didn’t acquire the right for transition support in any of the countries they have worked in. You should only apply for the IOTPD-Scholarship if you are not supported by any of its member organisations. The foundation DANCE – transition centre Germany is a member of the IOTPD.

Application deadline: 30th of April 2018


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Artistic Sponsorship Program 2019/2020



„Through its artistic sponsorship program, the Konrad Adenauer Foundation awards scholarships to particularly gifted artists in need and possessing German citizenship. The financing is conducted through the trustee program EHF 2010.“

•     One year working scholarship in the category of dance

•     € 12.000 in funds

•     Monthly payment (Starting April 2019, Ending March 2020)

The application portfolios must include copies of certificates, a CV in tabular form, samples of work, and a short, self-written description of your work method. Requirements are:

•     German citizenship

•     Very successful studies as a university/college/academy

•     It is also possible to submit recommendations


Application deadline: 30.4.2018

Further DETAILS here



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New in Berlin: Circus Academie (CAB)


We would like to congratulate Verena Schmidt and Tim Schneider from „Circus Network“ and their team for founding the Circus Academy of Berlin (CAB)!

In 2010, they initiated a pedagogical program for circus, together with the Federal Association of Circus Education and other circus organizations. Since then, 70 different circus instructors have been certified. With the founding of CAB, this education will receive another level of institutional security. The goal of the CAB is „to professionalize circus education [… as well as] to establish uniform standards of quality for the certification so that the term „circus educator“ soon becomes a federally recognized diploma.“

The training program of the CAB also includes career accompanying workshops, for instance the one taking place on March 24 and 25 on the theme of „games in circus education,“ as well as master classes, and weekend and evening courses.

DETAILS on CAB here:

Stiftung TANZ also offers its services to circus artists!

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Recognizing foreign career diplomas



For those who are looking to have their career qualifications or college/university diplomas recognized in Germany, important information can be found here:

This website of the federal government is available in 11 languages (!) and also includes DETAILS about subsidies for their recognition (for instance to support the financing of translation services) in a one time payment of up to 600€. An application for financial support during this process of recognition is possible for those earning less than 26,00€ in a year (single) and without referring to ALG I or ALG II.


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14th Congress for Dance Medicine: Early Bird Discount


The 14th congress for dance medicine from June 1 – 3, 2018 in Frankfurt am Main will continue to encourage scientific and practical exchange on the following two ideas:

•     Promoting health for dancers, dance educators, dance creators, and dance athletes,

•     Promoting health through dance

The program for the congress, which consists of lectures and workshops, is intended for dancers and dance creators regardless of the style of dance, dance educators, therapists, doctors, as well as researchers and teachers.

Together with Alina Gause, Heike Scharpff will conduct the workshop„Autonomy instead of Precarity? Career models with many tracks in the artistic vocations“ on Sunday June 3, 2018 from 9:30 to 10:30. She has also been invited to participate in the panel discussion „Ethical Guidelines, Work Conditions, Health,“ which will take place on Sunday June 3, 2018 from 11:55 to 12:40.

As always, the congress takes place with the cooperation of the College of Music and Performing Arts in Frankfurt am Main. In addition, the German Society for the Physiology of Music and Medicine for Musicians (DGfMM) will participate for the first time, and will present „guest lectures on themes relating to health support for singers and musicians.“

Early bird Discount until 15.04.2018.

Further DETAILS here:

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Annual meeting of the dvs section sports education

German Association for Sports Science + TU Chemnitz

With the motto: “Movement, digitization and learning in the growing up of children and adolescents”, the 31st Annual Meeting of the German Sports Science Association / Sports Education Section will take place at Chemnitz University of Technology from 31th of May to 2th of June 2018. Information on dvs: http: / /

It deals with problems, benefits as well as opportunities of digitization in the sport education setting and professional exchange about the changed aspects of the learner and the movement in the child and adolescence. This is for dancers in transition who, e.g. are active in dance education, thematically relevant. Central and very interesting questions of this meeting, among others: 


•     What does the phenomenon of digitalization mean for movement, games and sport?

•     How can digital media be effectively incorporated, and in which movement-related contexts?

•     What does digitalization mean for research in sports education?

•     What does digitalization mean for the way in which sports education is transmitted?

•     What is the relevance of digitalization for the processes of teaching and learning sport (e.g. „digital dementia“ vs the possibility of self-control)?

•     How do the settings of sport education in the wake of digitalization (e.g. for facilitating health)?

•     How is the way that children and youth approach sport and movement changing in the wake of digitalization?

•     Are the skills that sport educators need to give good lessons changing?

•     What methods can be used to facilitate learning in the setting of sports education?
Registration + DETAILS here:”

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Psychological Aspects of Transition, Part 11
Career change can make outsiders insecure„People are creatures of habit,“ goes the adage. Those planning to change their career may notice this attachment to habit among the people surrounding them. They may react in part with irritation, distance themselves, or give unhelpful advice. 90% of these reactions have to do with those around us, as they are confronted with their own suppressed desires and their fear of change. When these desires and fears remain unconscious, they will be projected onto the person who is planning the change. Furthermore, they cling to old external images: artist colleagues don’t want to lose a ‚fellow sufferer‘. Non-artist acquaintances always thought it was chic to have an artist in their midst. Family, and especially parents, gear up for a last attempt to influence the life of their child and ensure maximum security.

Those undergoing transition should be aware of this process and learn how to border themselves off from the reactions of others. This is the only possibility to identify your own path and plan your next steps. The best advisors are thoughtful people, who have themselves undergone intensive journeys. The support of professional coaches is valuable for this reason. The Stiftung TANZ offers these services free of charge and confidential!
Text by: Heike Scharpff

The text results from the long-term transition consulting experience of the project manager of the TANZ Foundation, Heike Scharpff (graduate psychologist, coach, theater director).


Little job description: Certified Circus Educator

To celebrate the founding of the Circus Academy of Berlin (CAB) at the end of 2017, which we discussed above, we would like to point out the multifaceted career field of „circus educator“. The circus disciplines of acrobatics, trapeze, juggling, balance, diabolo, and clowning constitute the de facto forms of the game and are accompanied by music, dance, performance, diverse forms of creative body work, improved body awareness as well as conceptual thought. In addition: reflexion, self-knowledge,  contentment through activity, and joy in interaction with others. As circus promotes cooperation, orientated along resources and competencies and independent of age, i.e. community, circus education has a positive effect on social attitudes and the construction of groups. Opportunities for circus education are generally possible: in social work with children, youth, seniors, people with restrictions (such as those with autism); for prevention courses in industrial health management (such as problems with posture or strategies to deal with stress); during rehabilitation of those who have been in accidents (balance, strength, reacting); as human resources in businesses (team building, leadership training, conflict resolution etc); as well as work with those who have undergone trauma (such as refugees, sexual abuse, loss). Circus education not only enriches dance and theater education, but can also be combined with other disciplines (social education, rehabilitation education, medicine, social care work, personal). One can conceive of this career in terms of fixed employment of free lance work, although the latter probably predominates among those whose credentials are solely in the realm of circus education.

The CAB offers a full-time continuing education which takes nine months, covers 1,200 hours. CAB is currently the only full-time continuing education in Germany with a certificate as an „evaluated circus educator.“ Far from being intended exclusively for (former) circus artists and dancers, it also includes (dance-) educators, social care workers,teachers, nursery teachers, social workers, and anyone who is seriously interested in the art of circus. The following skills are important for future circus educators and will be imparted by the CAB:

The practice of circus education: didactic and method for the construction of lessons and training sessions, games and forms of games for circus training /Communication: fundamentals of communication, age appropriate work, developmental communication / Artistic and aesthetic work process: history of the artistic, preparing circus pieces for children, presenting a show, makeup, basics of light and sound / Self-employment as a circus educator: legal foundations of self-employment, self-organization / Training studies: trainings theory, physiology, anatomy, biomechanics


Costs: 8.500 € + DETAILS hier:

Opportunities for continuing education as a circus educator in Austria and Switzerland:

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Job vacancy at the Stiftung TANZ

The Stiftung TANZ is a charitable, civil law foundation with its headquarters in Berlin and a national as well as international network. The foundation was brought to life by the donors Inka Atassi and Sabrina Sadowska in 2010 to support professional dancers with their professional re-orientation after an active dance career and make it their second job easier for them. The Stiftung TANZ receives project funding from the cultural foundation of the states.

The Stiftung TANZ – Transition Center of Germany with the headquarter in Berlin is looking for a coach for career advising as coworker to start on 1.5.2018 or later at full or part time at our headquarters in Berlin.

We are looking for a personality with good knowledge of the German and international dance scene aswell as enthusiasm and fascination for artistic dance and its actors, who is capable of identifying themselves with the philosophy and goals of the foundation.


•    Counseling and psychological support for professional dancers via personal sessions, analysis of strengths and weaknesses, developing visions for the future

•    Counseling the bureaucratic and financial aspects of reorientation

•    Documenting, evaluating and judging the counseling sessions

•    Development and organization of seminars, workshops, lectures and other events in realm of the foundation’s goals (German and English)

•    Ongoing research and evaluation on the relevant bureaucratic regulations for the clientele

•    Further networking with institutions and organizations at a national and international level which are relevant for transition according to the purpose of the foundation

•    Publicity and overseeing the website

•    Supervising the funding program

•    Telephone services, e-mail and written correspondence in german and english


Your Profile:

•     Experience in coaching and change-management

•     Completed psychology studies or similar knowledge

•     Knowledge of the German education System and job market

•     Good communication skills, friendly and engaged

•     Organizational skills the capacity for complex analytical thought

•     Flexibility as well as physical and psychological stability

•     Flexible work hours and mobility

•     Dealing with modern IT technique is automatic

•     Good competence in German and English, further languages are desired
Submit applications with meaningful documents only electronically by e-mail until April 6, 2018 to:

Questions are answered and information is given by the CEO Sabrina Sadowska at the mentioned e-mail address.

Employment Type: Full time (part time possible upon discussion)

Reimbursement: upon request

End of application period: 6. April 2018