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2017 in review of the foundation TANZ

DETAILS of the year on our homepage:

Transition Consulting Day / Frankfurt (Main)

Heike Scharpff (Dipl.-Psych., Project Manager of the TANZ Foundation – Transition Center Germany) will hold a Transition Consultation Day in Frankfurt / Main on Monday, 5.2.2018 from 2:00 to 6:00 pm.
All questions about building up a job parallel to the dance or after the dance are welcome. The counseling supports the clarification of inner confusion and gives helpful information about the occupation beside & after the dance. Individual individual consultations of 50 minutes each are in o.g. Period always free of charge and confidentially possible.

Venue: Mousonturm, Waldschmidtstr. 4, 60316 Frankfurt
Registration at:, 030/32 667 141

The consultation day is organisationally supported by Tanzplattform Rhein / Main. Many Thanks!

Transition Lecture + individual counseling / Pforzheim

On Tuesday February 6, 2018, Heike Scharpff (certified psychologist) will hold a lecture on
themes relation to transition from 14:00 to 15:15. Upon request, she will also offer individual
counseling after the lecture. The lecture will introduce different aspects of transition, including:
+ Personal re-orientation,
+ Self coaching,
+ Financing,
+ Possibilities for further education.

Location: Theater Pforzheim, Am Waisenhausplatz 5, 75172 Pforzheim
Participation fees: none
Register at:

Continuing/in depth individual counseling is available until ca. 18:00 after the event.
Also, all services will be free and confidential.

Annual Transition Group 2018
Munich, Düsseldorf, Berlin, Leipzig

For dancers who are currently in the process of transitioning + would like to be part of a group to accompany them for this time. This group will deal with all questions that arise in the transitional period: detachment from active dance, coping with grief, recognition of further potential, decision-making for a new path, implementation of a concrete idea. At each meeting, there will be a group theme and time for the personal cause. The companionship of the group is supportive and encouraging.
The idea for this annual group comes from our French colleagues, who have been doing this format for years in Paris. We offered them as pilot groups in 2017 in Munich, Dusseldorf, Hamburg and Berlin, and the participating dancers benefited consistently.

Directors: Christine Bombosch (Munich), Dagmar Regorsek (Düsseldorf), Heike Scharpff (Berlin), Friederieke Stockmann (Leipzig)

Christine Bombosch: ex-dancer, clinical social worker M.A., IFS-therapist/counsellor, co-founder of Transition-in-Dance in Munich, currently working for the catholic railway mission Munich.
Dagmar Regorsek: Social sciences graduate, coaching for personal professional development, cooperation with the TANZ Foundation since 2011
Friederieke Stockmann: possibly a theologian with her own experience in changing industry and occupations, since 2005 working in her own practice as an organizational consultant and coach for the design of change processes
Heike Scharpff: project leader of the foundation DANCE Transition centre Germany, certified psychologist, theatre director, drama and theatre therapist.

Dates for the 1st meeting: Hamburg: Mon. 26.3.2018, 10.30am-2.30pm / Munich: Sun. 11.3.2018 (time remaining) / Düsseldorf: 12.3.18, 14:00 -18: 00 Clock / Leipzig: Mon. 12.3.2018, 14:00 -18:00 clock / Berlin: Mon. 5.3.18, 15:00 -19: 00 clock
(Every city will find an individual date for the first meeting so that everyone interested will be able to attend.)

Participation for the entire year will be 50 € for dancers.
(Travel expenses can be reimbursed up to 25 € – roundtrip.)

Please contact:

We thank you for the support of Tanzhaus NRW!

Dance in Schools

Funding for dance projects with children and youth in educational institutions such as schools,
day cares, youth shelters, and recreation centres.
Deadlines: 21.1. / 30.3. / 30.9.2018


Cited info source from 8.12.2017 at 10:40: ebenda

Academy of Cultural Education NRW
Course and qualification offer 2018

Areas such as:
+ Music / Rhythm / Dance
+ Theater / Game / Performance
+ Cultural Education / Media and Communication


II networkdance-Initiative Conference

… on February 18, 2018 in Berlin!

Network Dance sees its role as representing the interests of ballet and dance companies in
Germany. The Network’s conferences — the first of which took place in summer 2017 — are
meant to encourage exchange between company speakers. One of many themes in the first meeting in 2017 was transition for dancers.

DETAILS on the conference at: 23_Ergebnisprotokoll_1._Konferenz_06.06.2017_fin.pdf

Information the second conference will soon be available at:

Cited source from 8.12.2017 at 12:30: ibid

Claussen Simon Foundation: Master Plus 2018
For all fields of study!

The scholarship program Master Plus is intended for students in all fields of study who are beginning their master’s degree after a successfully completed bachelor. The Claussen Simon Foundation wants foremost to ensure that scholarship recipients are able  to devote themselves entirely to their studies. At the same time, they want to accompany the personal development of scholarship recipients with their ideal sponsorship program. The support from the Master Plus scholarship program continues for the standard time of study and ends with the completion of the studies. After the end of the funding, alumni of the program can continue to participate in select events of the Claussen Simon Foundation and make use of its network of scholarship recipients.

Application deadline for summer 2018: 1st to 21th of February, 2018

DETAILS at:…/w…/master-plus.html

Adapted source from 11/25/2017 at 9:30: ibid

University of the Arts Berlin (UdK)

From April 2018 at the Hochschulübergreifendes Zentrum Tanz (HZT) of the UdK Berlinemployee for further qualification for a maximum of 6 years(13 TV-L, 50% part-time).
Application deadline: 21.2.2018

DETAILS here:…/FR…/Anz_4_1288_17__KueMi_HZT.pdf

Certificate course »Theater Pedagogy: Director and Dramaturgy«
UDK Berlin

WHEN? 24.2.2018 – 23.9.2018
10 weekend dates every Saturday: 10:00 -18:30 / Sunday 10:00-16:00

WHO? at least 10 – max. 18 participants

COSTS? € 1,680 (4 installments of € 440 each)

DEADLINE? 01/28/2018


Adapted info-source retrieved on 18.1.2018 at 14:00: ibid

Psychological Aspects of Transition, part 9: Transfer!
Using competencies you have learned in dance for your transition

Build concentration, focus, balance, make contact with the ground, make contact with the partner, breathe, relax, get feedback, be helped, disassemble a long passage into smaller parts and train them individually, be frustrated with negative feedback & get up anyway and continue – all these are skills that dancers naturally use every day in the ballet room and are often unaware of it. These are skills that make dancers particularly strong personalities and that can be transferred to other areas and processes. Especially for the transition period, they contain enormous potential.

Especially in the transitional period, it can happen that one’s head buzzes with new thoughts and unfamiliar feelings, then it means: making contact with the ground, breathing deeply, keeping balance, being helped. Or you have too many ideas for your professional future, then you have to focus, first try a way (for example through an internship), get feedback. Or a professional goal seems to be unreachable, then it means: the long way broken down into smaller parts with intermediate goals. A stopover is faster and easier to reach. One should reward oneself for reaching an intermediate goal. Then you can set a new smaller target. In this way, you can use the skills of the dance to master a challenging time, such as the transitional period, when it comes to repositioning yourself professionally. When you arrive at a new location, you will notice how many experiences you have, even though you are supposed to be a ‘re-starter’. From our point of view, skills from dance can be used at every professional place.

To realize this, sometimes you need professional support. Do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation via Skype or in person. We can help you to use your already existing competences, your potential for yourself and the reorientation process of the transition.

Text: Heike Scharpff

The text results from project coordinator Heike Scharpff’s (certified psychologist, coach, theater director) many years of experience advising transitions, as well as her collaboration with Katrin Kolo, who has directed our focus on the diverse uses for competencies from dance in our transition workshops.

Little job description: Civil Servant
In the diplomatic service of the Foreign Office

For everyone who:
+ likes variation and challenge
+ has a cosmopolitan way of thinking
+ identifies themselves with Germany and Europe
+ is open for foreign languages and cultures
+ would like to / be able to live abroad, with or without family
+ and has nothing against being a civil servant
(German citizenship and fluent German are prerequisites)

The diplomatic service of the foreign office is looking for civil servants of the clerical grade!
These are the people who work in the different departments of the german foreign ministry, such
as cultural attachés working for the embassy.
IMPORTANT: 24 month paid, practice oriented training with VERY good contents and language
modules, full-time at the academy of foreign service in Berlin + internship in the central offices
of the foreign ministry, as well as at one of the many foreign offices world wide.

Only online-application possible from January 10 to May 5, 2018!

Further information at: https://www.auswaertigesamt. de/blob/1212562/ba32f9452ca923c6d9aeb60d892d5676/auswahlverfahren2018-data.pdf
Homepage of the foreign service with DETAILS about work in international
organisations: stellenangebote

Photo from the Federal Foreign Office (2018) IN: The Federal Foreign Office as an attractive employer, accessed on 19.1.2918 at 11:35 at:

With kind regards and best wishes for 2018,

Sabrina Sadowska & Inka Atassi und Heike Scharpff & Andrea Thomas